Macro and Micro Level Analysis of Indonesian Business E-mail Written By Minangkabau and Javanese Speakers

  • Misla Geubrina Universitas Harapan Medan
Keywords: Genre Analysis, Business E-mails, Intercultural Transfer


The comparison of the approach totally different individuals with different language backgrounds adopt the Indonesian in their e-mails will yield useful findings and may illuminate the extent to that the e-mail messages or influenced by the interlingual and intercultural transfer. This analysis aims to explain the interrelatedness among genre analysis of Indonesian business e-mails written by Minangkabau and Javanese Speakers. The method used descriptive qualitative. The information was obtained from ten business e-mails written by Minangkabau (five business e-mails) and Javanese Speaker (five business e-mails) and analyzed those supported 2 major stages, namely: macro-level and micro-level analysis consistent with Santos (2002). The results obtained from this analysis were Minangkabau speaker had additional complete structure than Javanese speaker. Because, in business e-mails written by Minangkabau had additional complete in move than Javanese speakers. And in lexico-grammatical options, the Javanese prefer to use proper noun, and therefore the Minangkabau prefer to use function word “you”.


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