Manuscript submission

How to submit manuscripts?
Step 1: Register 
1. Provide a typed script/manuscript file according to the Insight Management Journal template in the form of Ms word (.doc) or (.rtf)
2. click link register
3. section “profile”, Fill in the complete form provided (given name: first name; family name: last name; affiliation: name of institution; country: country of author)
4. section “login”, type active email author; username and password used to login
5. Put a checklist (?) in the box in front of the words “Yes, I agree to have my data collected and stored according to the privacy statement"
6. Click register (done)
7.If you directly submit the article, in the section “registration complete” klik “make new submission”
step 2: Send Manuscript
past login, section “submit an article”
1. Start
section “Submission Requirements” please check sign (V) in the box on each row
section “Corresponding Contact” please check sign (?) in the box on each row
and click“save and continue”
2. Upload submission
section, click on the “article component” section and select “article text”
Click the "upload file" button, please upload the article/manuscript file Click the “continue” button
Click the “reviewer details” click to “continue”
Click “confirm” click to “complete”
click button “save and continue”
3. Enter metadata
in section “prefix” blank 
In the "title" section, copy the title of the article that has been submitted
Just leave it blank in the "subtitle" section
In the "abstract" section, copy the abstract in the article
In the "list contributors" section, click "add contributor" to add the names of other authors who contributed to the submitted articles (here the corresponding author must be careful in writing the name & email of the author, because writing the author's name here will appear on the journal page when the article has been published)
In the "additional refinements keywords" section, copy the keywords in the article
Click the “save and continue” button
4. Comfirmation
click button “finish submission”
in section “confirm” click button “ok”
5. Next step “done”
Until this stage, you have finished submitting article manuscripts, log in periodically to check the stages of your article.